Clear Creek Management Area

This large section of public land, known historically as the New Idria Mining District, is located at the southern end of the Diablo Mountains in San Benito and Fresno Counties. This highly mineralized region contributed significantly the early history of San Benito County. This public land is managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

This area also became popular with various kinds of recreation, and for a time was known as the Clear Creek Recreation Area. As such, it was a multi-use area where people interested in a variety of pursuits visit each year. The area was popular with Rock-hounds, OHV enthusiasts, bicyclist, miners, hikers, hunters, and others all sharing one of California's great open spaces. The area's elevations range from about 2,200 feet in the lower areas to 5,240 feet on San Benito Mountain, the highest point in San Benito County. The road system is rugged with many narrow steep sections. There are places where you'll find breath-taking views of the San Joaquin Valley and the Sierras a hundred miles away; in other places you'll find yourself deep in a forest - lost from the world. There is evidence of past human activity nearly everywhere, but at times you might wonder if anyone had traveled here before. Please be aware that there are many parcels of private land interspersed with the public land. Tread lightly and be courteous of the interests of others. There are two campground near the Hernandez Valley entrance.

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Several epidemiological studies of asbestos trades workers show no significant increased risk of asbestos-related disease among individuals exposed to chrysotile asbestos dusts, but having little or no exposure to amphibole asbestos dusts. (p. 454)

Ross, Malcolm and Nolan, Robert P. 2003. "History of asbestos discovery and use and asbestos-related disease in context with the occurrence of asbestos within ophiolite complexes." Geological Society of America, Special paper 373, pp. 447-470.

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