Clear Creek Management Area

The Clear Creek Recreation Area is a large section of public land located at the southern end of the Diablo Mountains. This highly mineralized region contributed significantly the early history of San Benito County. This public land is managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Raymond Eade Liberty Memorial
at Clear Creek Entrance

In memory of those who struggle
against the enemy of freedom and liberty

The Public Land at Clear Creek Recreation Area is closed.

Several epidemiological studies of asbestos trades workers show no significant increased risk of asbestos-related disease among individuals exposed to chrysotile asbestos dusts, but having little or no exposure to amphibole asbestos dusts. (p. 454)

Ross, Malcolm and Nolan, Robert P. 2003. "History of asbestos discovery and use and asbestos-related disease in context with the occurrence of asbestos within ophiolite complexes." Geological Society of America, Special paper 373, pp. 447-470.

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