Clear Creek Management Area

The Clear Creek Management Area is a large swath of public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Hollister Field Office ... open to the public for very many years, then closed, and now open again with limited access.

This public land was once among California's important mineral districts. Known as the New Idria Quicksilver Mining District, it provided strategic minerals that contributed to United States' victories during the First World War (WW1) and to defeat of Nazi aggression during the Second World War (WW2). New Idria mines were considered so critical to military success that the United States actually made special efforts to protect the mines production. The U. S. Army posted a company of armed solders at the mine during WW1 and regularly inspected mining operation during WW2.

New Idria is located on the northeast section of the Clear Creek Management Area. New Idria Quicksilver: History of the New Idria Mining District is the complete and definitive story of the world's fourth largest quicksilver mine. Order this book today! Click book cover to learn more.

The New Idria company mined cinnabar which they processed into mercury, also known as quicksilver. Other companies mined magnesite, chromite, talc, chrysotile and gem stones. Following WW2 the area also became very popular with amateur mineralogist and hunters. Amateur mineralogist found the first jadeite deposit discovered in the western hemisphere here. Many other unique minerals are also found here. Deer and pig hunter found this public land a wonderful area for their sport with some weeks hosting more than a thousand hunters. During the 1970s the BLM invited OHV recreation into the area and encouraged open-range riding and camping. The deer and pigs quickly left and mineral collecting rapidly became unfavorable.

The BLM closed the public land in 2008 and opened it in 2014 to limited access. The deer, elk and many other animals began returning during the closure and the current controlled access to area improves other recreation opportunities and the return of rock hunters.

This website served as the only resource for promoting area history. This site was sponsored by Three Rocks Research, a non-profit organization that depended on donations and public support – the funds for this site run out at the end of 2014. This site began to promote area history to the recreation community, but the with the closure of the public land that purpose can no longer be justified. Folks interested in area history and previous visitor to this unusual landscape who want a memorial to this history should purchase a copy of my recent book advertise above.

Updated August 26, 2014