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Fresno County Industrial Road Camp

Shown, but not named on the Sherman Peak 7.5' quadrangle. The old road camp is located at N36° 14.554; W120° 35.785. This prison inmate camp opened in 1939 and closed in 1956. It housed trustee inmates who did area maintenance work for the state and county while completing their jail time. There work mostly consisted of county roadwork, building firebreaks and rural fire fighting. The camp closed in 1956 when the nearby California Department Forestry moved their Murrieta Fire Camp to this location. The state closed the fire camp in 1965 and sold it. Many people refer this place as the Joaquin Murrieta Road Camp. The current owner of this property is Dave Schreiner. Dave rents cabins to hunters and rockhounds who visit the area. You may contact Dave at (559) 935-5909.

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