Google Finance gives importance to Bitcoin next to fiat currencies

Google Finance Shows Bitcoin Quote in the U.S. and Mexico

In Google Finance, when a user enters the tool that allows him/her to compare markets in different categories, by choosing the „Currencies“ category, the price of Bitcoin in dollars can be seen. However, this option would not be working yet in many countries. Apparently, for now it can be appreciated from the United States and Mexico, although it wouldn’t be surprising if it soon spreads to other geographical areas.

Years ago, it was possible for Bitcoin to appear among the quotations along with other currencies or fiat currencies, on different boards or media lists, but the truth is that for some time now, even traditional newspapers in different parts of the world have been adding to the most famous cryptomon currency to provide data on its quotation.

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Some might say that there are already important businessmen and investors watching what happens with Bitcoin. For example, from the Argentine website iProUp, they pointed out in this context: „Bitcoin has received this year important expressions of interest from institutional investors, such as those made by companies like MicroStrategy and more recently Square, which are directed to their treasury reserve funds. In total, there are 18 companies that have acquired 612,944 BTCs, equivalent to a little more than $7 billion“.

The same media added: „Another widely used financial information service, Yahoo Finance, also ranks BTC/USD first in its currency section. It places the Ethereum (ETH) quote in US dollars in second place; from third to the EUR/USD pair“.

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Economic problems and pandemic

The year 2020 has been very particular all over the world, due to the health crisis, but also the consequences it has had on the global economic ecosystem. In this scenario, there are also very complicated economic situations but with very particular characteristics, in countries like Zimbabwe, Argentina or Venezuela.

With all this, but with the evolution of technology accompanied by new social customs, such as teleworking, the need to make easy payments without leaving home, the need for good systems for sending remittances with low commissions, and several other factors, may be the ingredients that are making Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies), attractive options for people who are outside the traditional financial and banking system, or simply for people who are inside, but need solutions to problems that that system is not providing.

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So it’s not surprising that those who provide information, including Google Finance, want to add Bitcoin to their lists.