Opera expands crypto wallet recharging to the UK


Opera, the well-known web browser, continues to improve its integration of crypto-currencies by extending the recharging of crypto-wallets to the UK.

After introducing the service in the United States and some European countries earlier this year, Opera now offers crypto coin purchases in the UK through a partnership with the Ramp crypto coin processing platform.

Opera becomes the first major browser to allow direct payments with Bitcoin

Direct from the source
As announced by Cointelegraph on July 24, the solution implements the APIs of the European Open Banking system and allows for low-cost crypto-currency operations through bank accounts or the Revolut digital banking application.

Charles Hamel, head of Opera’s crypto area, says that at the launch British customers will be able to buy Ethereum (ETH), and in the near future other cryptomonies.

Since Opera launched its first crypto wallet in 2018, the service has implemented support for several types of crypts, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether, as well as several ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.

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„This means that we are largely covering most of the top 100 digital assets,“ Hamel said. Reportedly the first traditional web browser to enter crypto space, Opera’s crypto wallet has more than 170,000 active users per month so far, he said.

Opera goes for blockchain
After introducing its first crypto wallet for Android users two years ago, the Opera browser has been actively driving crypt-related developments. In March 2020, Opera became the first browser to allow access to decentralized web pages through a partnership with Unstoppable Domains, a major blockchain operator backed by famous industry investor Tim Draper.

Opera for Android’s built-in cryptomonitor now supports Bitcoin and Tron
Earlier this year, Opera launched the Bitcoin Millionaire and Ether wallets in the U.S. and the ability to make direct purchases using debit card crypts and Apple Pay. In support of the decentralized applications of Ethereum, or DApps, the Nasdaq-listed company has a long collaboration with technology company Ledger Capital to investigate possible applications of blockchain technology in Opera products.